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REVIEW TEXT of Adoption Application*


Click         to download this form

*We can also set up a time for a phone interview instead of your filling out this form. Let us know if you would prefer a phone call, and we will reach out to you.


A home visit is part of our adoption process.


NOTE: We prefer to place Fox Terriers in homes within a 2-hour drive of Portland, Oregon, which includes SW Washington. We have a fellow rescue group that may be able to help us place a Fox Terrier in and around Seattle and the Puget Sound.

Our goal is to gather enough information so we can best match a Fox Terrier with your family.


Name:____________________________  Today’s Date: ______________________________


Email: ____________________________  Phone: ____________________________________


Address: _____________________________________________________________________

1. Are you interested in a ____Smooth Fox Terrier   _____ Wire Haired Fox Terrier  _____Either

2. Do you have a gender preference: _____Male  _____Female _____No preference

3. Do you have an age preference: between ____and _____years old    _____No preference
NOTE: The average Fox Terrier in rescue is between 4 & 10 years old. We rarely have puppies.

4. Have you ever owned a Fox Terrier before ­­____Yes  ____No. If No, why are you looking for a Fox Terrier now?

5. What other breed/mixes of dogs have you owned? What happened to them?

6. What other dogs, cats, pets, or livestock are part of your household?

7. We try to place Fox Terriers with owners that:

  • Have Fox Terrier or terrier experience

  • Have a yard with a fence

  • Will not leave the dog alone for more than 4 hours a day

  • Will have the dog as an inside dog (not left outdoors for extended periods of time)

  • Do not have children younger than 8 years old--and do not have grandchildren or friends who visit regularly with children younger than 8 years old

  • Understand that many Fox Terriers are prey driven and are prone to bolting and escaping

  • Understand that many Fox Terriers may not get along with other dogs in the home, on walks, or in a dog park.

  • Can provide the Fox Terrier with plenty of exercise and entertainment

  • Can provide the Fox Terrier with high quality dog food and regular veterinary care


If any of these don’t fit your situation or experience, tell us which ones are at issue and let us know why you would still be a good home for a Fox Terrier.


*Click        to download this form

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